Lead List

Existing leads owned or assigned to the assistant can be viewed with detail information. Search and filter is available. On click of the lead row, it expands to show the possible actions and timeline graph.

Add Leads

Adding a new lead is simple. Provide the lead identifying attributes like name, email, phone number. Let your assistant know where you got the lead from and the context. Assistant will generate the message and own the lead followup now.

Lead Sources

On the Add Lead page, there are many lead sources. The emails generated are based contextual to the lead source and more context. Lets understand each source a little more.

Edit Message

The message being generated is small and to-the-point with the intent of getting a positive reply to have a meeting. This generated email message can be edited by clicking on the edit button/icon in the email preview section. It is recommended to keep the message short and to the point.

Add More Leads

Add more lead check-box when ticked, maintains the lead source, context and the edited message, if any. User has to only type the lead identifier fields like name, email, etc and click the Add Lead button.

Multiple Leads

Use Multiple Lead option to upload multiple leads from an excel. Download the sample excel, maintain the first/column row and input your leads from second row onwards in the excel and then upload that excel. All these leads in one excel file will have same lead source and context.

Schedule Add Leads

While adding lead one can schedule the processing for a later time of a day.

Additional Information

Additional information is intended to provide more context and details to the lead about your company offerings. Assistant will use this information in emails. Additional information is an Assistant level property and can be provided in Edit Assistant. While, user can overwrite or edit the additional information while lead creation.