Why I am not able to change the email address of the assistant beyond the @ part ?

Email id of the assistant is <assistant_name>@<org_name>.<some_domain>.com. Each 7Targets account can have only one org_name, there could be multiple users and each user can have multiple assistants for one account in 7Targets, but all the assistants would be for the same org_name.

If one needs a different org_name in the assistant’s email then it would mean another account has to be created in 7Targets.

Why I am not able to unassign the user from assistant ?

A user in 7Targets needs atleast one default assistant. And if you are trying to unassign the user from a default assistant then it will fail. If the purpose is to deactivate/remove a user from the org because he may have left your organisation then “Remove from Org” option is available.

What should be done when a user leave an organisation ?

When a user leaves an organisation, you can remove that user from 7Targets too by using “Remove from Org” action under Organisation->Org Users. This action lets you assign the leads of this user to some other user in the organisation, like handing over those leads to some other user in the org.

Lead replying with an attachments, we are unable to get it on our mail ?

Assistant sends the reply or response received from the lead, to you. If the reply or response from the lead contains any attachment, assistant will attach it to this email sent to you.

Can I stop the excel upload in between ?

In the Multiple Leads Upload page for the row which has status ADDING|VALIDATED|VALIDATING there would be a Cancel action.

As the leads are added in batch of 50. The cancel will be applicable from next batch onwards when ni ADDING status.

Can I only validate the leads while excel upload and add then as next action ?

While adding multiple leads from excel, there is a checkbox which lets you only Upload the excel for validating. It is useful if you are using the Intelli upload feature where Assistant derives the name, email. etc from the excel with your format.

Once the excel is uploaded and Validated, you can download the verified excel and check if Assistant extracted the data correctly. If all looks OK then you can click on the Add leads icon to add these validated leads.

Can I avoid having the number in the subject of the email sent by the assistant?

Yes it is possible to not have Unique number in the email subject. Though we recommend to keep the number as it helps in avoiding landing the email in spam.

If you still want to do this, then go to assistant preferences and save your preference for Don't use unique number in the email subject.

What happens when I respond back to lead and assistant is copied ?

When you (user) reply back to the lead copying Assistant, it is like letting the Assistant know that you have taken care, so do not put the lead at risk. If lead is already at risk then take it out of risk.

Assistant needs to differentiate above with a request to followup the lead (EmailCC). So there are two scenarios:

  1. If you are relying to an email which has the one of the emails sent by the Assistant at the bottom, then Assistant would be able to identify this as not to be considered for EmailCC, but just as a reply to lead. In that case Assistant would take out the lead from at risk (if it is at risk) and would not send any reminder emails to you.
  2. If you are replying to an email which does not have any email from Assistant. e.g. you sent an email to the lead and copied the assistant (for EmailCc). Lead then responds to this email and Assistant is copied in that too. Then you reply to this email from lead. In this case, Assistant has not sent any email to lead. In such a scenario, Assistant would consider as EmailCc and would restart the lead for followup.

What to do after I get a response from the lead ?

After you get a response, Assistant will forward you that response email thread along with a URL to get to that specific lead in 7Targets. Below are the possible options after you receive a response from a lead.

  1. Introduce yourself (or more people)) using the Introduce Me action. This is more appropriate to do if the next steps are to be done by a human. For e.g. setting up a meeting.
  2. Reply back to the lead as Assistant using Reply action. This action is more appropriate in scenarios where lead asked for some specific things that assistant may not be able to provide automatically. You may decide to cc yourself in this Reply.
  3. In case your name and assistants name is same, use the email which the Assistant forwarded you to respond directly to the lead from your email client. Do not copy the Assistant in this reply to the lead, because the assistants job of getting a response from the lead is done.

Is it possible to just change the first line of the default email ?

Yes it is possible. You would have to create a custom schedule and custom message for it. Below are the steps:

  1. On Assistant page, click on Schedule button.
  2. Clone the Recommend Schedule. Give a name and description to it.
  3. In this cloned schedule, change the first row by selecting Message Type as “Custom MEssage” and for the Message Column, select “Create New”.
  4. After creating the custom message, save this schedule. Also mark it Default too.
  5. Now you can add leads and it will use this schedule by default. So your custom message will be the first message.

Why some leads are automatically Deactivated after adding or uploading ?

Assistant validates the email address, if the Email address is not valid then the lead is marked Deactivated->Invalid Email.

If the sent email bounces back, then the lead is marked as Deactivated.

On the Lead List page, one could filter by the State as Deactivated and the possible SubState for Deactivated.

Can I configure the Assistant to not send emails on weekend?

Yes. In Assistant preference there is Assistant Off Days. You can tick the days of the week when you do not want the assistant to send any email. Assistant will skip sending emails on those days. Timezone is important too for this setting. As based on teh timezone the day is calculated.

Do we store videos or files on our cloud servers?

No. We just take links to the documents that you want to share with your users. Data, videos remain on your server. Only the image which is part of the email or Signature is uploaded on our server.

When does AI Sales Assistant stop emailing ?

AI Sales Assistant stops emailing as soon as

  • The lead responds.
  • The lead unsubscribes
  • The lead is not interested in our offering

Why some leads are marked Deactivated and Bounce Risk ?

In the email ecosystem, it is critical to maintain a healthy Reputation.
Bounced emails impacts the credibility of the email servers and reduces the deliverability of your emails.

To achieve the better deliverability of your emails, we have the bounce rate limit at the organization level. If the Bounce rate limit of 4% is hit then we do not take risk of sending emails to email ids which are verified as Risky to send.
Email ids which are verified as Safe to send will continue to be processed.

We use multi-layer approach to validate the email ids before sending any emails.
After this multi-layered approach identifies an email to be Risky to send
and you have hit the bounce rate limit
and Assistant retried and checked the bounced rate to be beyond limit for last 15 days
then those leads are marked Deactivated and Bounce Risk.

How can I process the Deactivated -> Bounce Risk Leads ?

The bounce rate is calculated as percentage of number of leads created in last 7 days (by Created Date) VS number of leads bounced (Deactivated -> Bounce Deactivated) in last 7 days (by Modified Date). This is at the Organization level, i.e. across all the assistants in the Organization.

The day, the bounce rate goes below the limit, you can restart the BounceRisk leads. It is highly recommended that you be extra careful in handing these leads. Because again if the bounce rate goes beyond the limit you would be stuck with the Bounce Risk emails for 7 more days.

How is the Bounce Rate Calculated ?

Number of Valid leads created in last 7 days:

  • TVL = Filter by Create Date for last 7 days.

Number of leads actually bounced in last 7 days.

  • Bounced Leads = Filter by Modified in last 7 days and State Deactivated->Bounce Deactivated.

Bounce Rate = (Bounced Leads * 100) / TVL

If the Bounce rate is 4% or more then the leads identified as Bounce Risk will be put in status Deactivated->Bounce Risk.

How do I find out when by Bounce % will go down ?

Calculate the Bounced Leads in last 6 days instead of 7. To know the possible Bounce Rate starting from that 6 days earlier date. If it is still 4% or above then go to last 5 days and like wise.

In Sales Assistant, can I add same lead email-id for different context ?

No you cannot. You will have to edit the lead and restart the follow-up.

Can I have my company logo in the assistant signature ?

Right now we do not have the feature to add logo to the signature. Logos, Square boxes, and ‘sales-ly emails’ get a lower response rate compared to plain, simple, direct, conversational emails.

Can I stop sending the WhatsApp URL in the emails sent by the assistant ?

Yes, you can. Go to edit assistant and tick the box appropriately for adding or not adding the direct WhatsApp URL in the email.

What names should I use for the AI Assistant to get a good response rate ?

Names like Rachel, Ashley work well for US, India. Names like Sonia, Sakshi work well within India. France and middle east get higher response rates with local assistant names. Try different names and let us know how it worked for you. Remember that emails already gone out from one assistant cannot be changed when you change names. Its like hiring a new assistant from the lead perspective.

How do I decide on the context to be used when adding a lead ?

Our customers generally create a list of contexts that are relevant for them and publish those to their internal team. All leads getting added, the team uses one of the contexts you approve, so all emails go correctly. The context once used is remembered and is searchable too in that field while adding the lead.

Is there any option to pause the sending of emails?

Yes, you can deactivate the lead. That will stop sending the emails. To restart, can again assign another (or same) sequence/schedule to the lead to restart followups.

Is unsubscribe the only option to stop sending off further messages?

Unsubscribe is not the option to stop sending emails. Deactivate is the right option to stop sending emails. Unsubscribe is used only when the end-user clicks unsubscribe or write ‘unsubscribe me’ (or something like that) in the email. Then Assistant will automatically unsubscribe the lead. If the Assistant fails to read unsubscribe response for whatever reason, you can manually unsubscribe the lead if the lead requested it specifically. 99% of the time, you will never have to unsubscribe manually.

What are the options to send an attachment, videos or photos in the email?

Two ways to send attachments, you-tube videos or photos.

  1. Use links (URLs) to those files and videos in the email.
  2. Use your normal email client (like gmail) for sending the first email and cc the Assistant in that email.
    The Assistant understands that she needs to followup that leads using the ‘Email CC’ schedule.


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