Invite Team

Organization Users

As an org admin you would be able to invite other users from your organization. Go to Settings->Org Users to see a list of users in your Organization.

You would be able invite other users to the org from here. As well resend the invitation email if required.

You would be able to make other user Org admin too. Org Admin have below extra functionalities above a normal user:

  • invite user to the org
  • Assign Assistant to the user while inviting the user to the org
  • make another user an org admin
  • remove user from the org
  • see leads and dashboard of assistant of all the users in the org
  • ability to see and edit an assistant
  • assign or add leads to some other user’s assistant
  • edit leads of some other user’s assistant
  • select, activate and change the plan for the organization as required
  • ability to integrate with CRM

When any user leave the organization, you would be able to remove that user from 7Targets too.

Questions answered

  • How do I invite other users from the organization ?
  • How do i go about setting them up? I have invited one user already from the team to experiment ?
  • What are the extra functionalities and features available to an organization admin ?
  • Can I assign an existing assistant to the invited user ?


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