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Add Assistant

Your Assistant is identified by name, email address and title. It is recommended to have a geography specific name for better connect with your leads, for e.g. Ashley or John will be able to connect better in the Americas. You can always change the name later.

Let’s pick or type an appropriate title.

Company name is used by the Assistant in the AI generated email subjects. Assistant’s email address too is derived from the company name. You can change the Company name and email address of Assistant later.

Note the generated signature. You can always edit the signature later.

Some of our customers use the Assistant title as “Executive Assistant to self”. While some use Assistant’s name as their own name. It is your choice finally.

Click the button to create your Assistant and go to the next step.

Use Exchange Server

If you want your Assistant to send email from your company domain instead of <yourcompany> then you can use this feature.

While creating Assistant, there is an option I want to use my own domain. On clicking it, you would be asked to authorize the email/account you want to use for the Assistant being created. This will be Assistant’s email id.

Assistant will send emails from using this authorized account. As well, Assistant will read the email responses received on this email address.

If you need a specific email id for your assistant then create one in your Exchange account and use that to authorize while creating an Assistant.

Questions answered

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  • Can I change Assistant name later ?
  • What should be the Assistant title ?
  • Can I change the Assistant signature later ?
  • Can I use my email or my domain as Assistant Email ?

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