Assistant Details

Assistant has the responsibility of communicating with the lead with an intent of getting a meeting. Assistant becomes a virtual team member in your team.

One important behavior of the assistant is to stop sending more emails on receiving a response from the lead.

Assistant has a default recommended schedule of 7 follow-ups with increasing duration between the follow-ups. User has an option to use custom schedule and change the default schedule too.

Assistant optimizes the email send time for individual lead so that the chances of lead reading the email increases. This is Send Time Optimization.

Assistant Profile

Name, Avatar, Email, Phone Number and Signature represents the Assistant identity.

Leads see Name, Email, Phone Number and Signature of the Assistant and these can be edited as appropriate. Phone number is also used to notify you of the WARM and HOT leads on WhatsApp.

At present you cannot add a image/logo to the signature.

Assistant Default

Assistant has many defaults which are self explanatory. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:

  • Brochure URL Assistant will embed this URL in the email when responding to requests for Brochure
  • More Context and More Information are the defaults to be used when not provided while adding the leads
  • Lead at Risk Reminder Assistant will remind you after the provided days for 5 times if you forget to reach out to responded leads.
  • Default Schedule Assistant by default uses this schedule for the added leads. e.g. leads added from CRM will use this schedule.
  • Default EmailCC Schedule is used by the assistant when assistant is copied in the email by the user with the lead. For EmailCC schedule, Assistant will start the with second message in the sequence. Your email where you Cc’ed/Copied the assistant is considered as the first email.

Multiple Assistants

You can create multiple assistants for yourself. Assistants cannot be shared or assigned to other users in the Org.

We recommend to have geography and vertical specific assistants. So that the assistant is trained for nurturing the leads of that vertical with specific nurturing material.

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