Frequently Asked Questions

When does AI Sales Assistant stop emailing ?

AI Sales Assistant stops emailing as soon as

  • The lead responds.
  • The lead unsubscribes
  • The lead is not interested in our offering

In Sales Assistant, can I add same lead email-id for different context ?

No you cannot. You will have to edit the lead and restart the follow-up.

Can I have my company logo in the assistant signature ?

Right now we do not have the feature to add logo to the signature. Logos, Square boxes, and ‘sales-ly emails’ get a lower response rate compared to plain, simple, direct, conversational emails.

Can I stop sending the WhatsApp URL in the emails sent by the assistant ?

Yes, you can. Go to edit assistant and tick the box appropriately for adding or not adding the direct WhatsApp URL in the email.

What names should I use for the AI Assistant to get a good response rate ?

Names like Rachel, Ashley work well for US, India. Names like Sonia, Sakshi work well within India. France and middle east get higher response rates with local assistant names. Try different names and let us know how it worked for you. Remember that emails already gone out from one assistant cannot be changed when you change names. Its like hiring a new assistant from the lead perspective.

How do I decide on the context to be used when adding a lead ?

Our customers generally create a list of contexts that are relevant for them and publish those to their internal team. All leads getting added, the team uses one of the contexts you approve, so all emails go correctly. The context once used is remembered and is searchable too in that field while adding the lead.