Lead can be from various sources and has different context too. Based on the source and the context of the lead, the ai assistant writes short and simple emails to the lead.

Add Lead

User can add one lead at a time or multiple leads using an excel sheet. After providing the lead identifying fields like name, email, phone number, source of the lead and the context are very important fields. Note below the details about it.
Schedule button clicks lets user decide the time of first message to the lead. Else the first message is sent as soon as the lead is added. There is also an option to choice from the list of schedules user may have created. Learn more about the custom schedule in the assistant sections.

Various lead sources

  • Event
  • Website
  • Upsell
  • Meeting
  • Phone Meeting

If above sources are not enough for your needs then just drop an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to add anything new.

Typically from an Event one may get one or more leads. Few of them are Hot and the sales people will engage with them to take the discussion ahead. Other remaining need to be owned by someone in marketing or sales operations team to try and reach out multiple times over a period after the event and check if there is a need for what the company offers. Such leads when assigned to the AI Assistant with event name as context, the assistant will make sure no lead is dropped.

Website as a lead source can be used when the lead has visited your website and provided the email id. The offering/product/solution will be the right thing to provide in the context for the AI Assistant to write the emails properly.

Upsell is typically used if there is something new or different value to offer to the existing customers.

Meeting and Phone Meeting are to be used for the leads from face to face meeting and phone meetings respectively. One tend to meet people informally too pretty often and want to make sure that the lead is not dropped. Use this source when creating such leads with right context.

Responses from the leads

Any response email from the lead is read by the AI Assistant and try and decide the email content. The machine learning models for identifying if the response conveys an out of office or asks to stops sending any emails or agrees to have a meeting at a particular day helps the assistant take right action and group that lead in right state.

Various lead states

Assistant will categorize the leads in various states based on the followups and responses. Various possible state are:
Hot if the lead has accepted to meet.
Cold the followup is under progress.
Processed followup is completed as per the schedule and there was no response from the lead.
Out of office received an out of office from the lead. Assistant will restart the followup after lead returns back to office.
Deactivated lead responded back asking to stop sending emails.
Unsubscribed lead used the unsubscribed link in the email.
Responded state for the lead conveys that there is some response from the lead and Assistant was not able to categorize it to one of the above

Lead Timeline View

Email communication between the lead and the ai assistant can be seen in the timeline view on click of the lead in the lead list page. Timeline view shows all the communication. Clicking on any of the dates in the timeline view shows the message that was sent.
Timeline view also shows the scheduled messages along with the schedule date. Assistant will send similar message as shown in the scheduled message.

Actions on the lead

Message action lets the user view the message exchanges till now as well as type a new message as assistant.
User can leave a note by clicking the Add Note button.
Deactivate action is useful when a user have asked to stop sending an email and the AI assistant could not understand and marked the lead as Responded.
User may have communication with the lead outside the system, like on WhatsApp or phone call. Clicking on Hot button lets user manually mark the lead Hot.
Introduce Me is an important action. When used assistant will send an email to the lead copying the user in that email. So that user is formally introduced and can take the communication ahead. Unsubscribe button lets user manually unsubscribe a lead. Once a lead is unsubscribed it cannot be added back for any other lead source or context.

Additional Information

Additional information is intended to provide more context and details to the lead about your company offerings. Assistant will use this information in emails. Additional information is an Assistant level property and can be provided in Edit Assistant. While, user can overwrite or edit the additional information while lead creation.

Engaged Leads

Leads who show engagements are identified and presented separately so that the user can take right action to nurture these leads further. User is also notified on email and WhatsApp about the engaged leads so that user can call at that moment, talk to the lead and try to convert.

Smart Upload Multiple Leads

How Smart Upload Multiple Leads works:
Upload or give your Assistant an excel file, where each row represents one lead and the first row has column names. Assistant will:

  • read the excel for you
  • extract the valid leads(Name, Phone Number and Email) from the file
  • present the output of this extraction process in two files, successfully extracted and extraction failures
  • you can take a look at the lead extraction failures file to correct that data format and upload it again
  • you can also decide to go ahead with Adding the leads where leads were successfully extracted

To clarify any confusion between upload format validation and lead validation in the process of uploading the excel.

  1. During upload, let’s call it lead extraction. Call it extraction instead of validation because Assistant is actually extracting names and email ids using her AI model.
  2. Post upload, after assigning schedule, Add the leads and Assistant starts processing. In this, as first step of processing, lead email is validated. Lets call that email valid/invalid.