Lead Responses

Lead Responses

Emails responses are read by the Assistant and would try and decide the email intent.

The machine learning model/s tries to identify if the response conveys an

  • out of office or
  • asks to stops sending any further emails or
  • agrees to have a meeting at a particular day or
  • requests for brochure

helping the assistant take right action and update the lead state.

Lead State

Assistant will categorize the leads in various states based on the followups and responses. Various possible state are:
Hot if the lead has accepted to meet.
Cold the followup is under progress.
Warm lead is someone who has opened 3 or more emails. A good list for your calling team to call.
Engaged lead is someone who has opened 1 or more emails.
Processed followup is completed as per the schedule and there was no response from the lead.
Out of office received an out of office from the lead. Assistant will restart the followup after lead returns back to office.
Deactivated lead responded back asking to stop sending emails. Lead email id is invalid as verified by the assistant. Email sent to the lead bounced. Unsubscribed lead used the unsubscribed link in the email or responded asking to unsubscribe.
Responded state for the lead conveys that there is some response from the lead and Assistant was not able to categorize it to one of the above.
Pending means Assistant is still validating the email address of the lead.
New conveys that the lead added cannot be processed as you have used up your leads limit as per the plan. You can Restart these leads in the next period or upgrade your plan and then restart these leads now.

Questions answered

  • Why some leads are showing as Pending ?
  • Why some leads are showing as New ?
  • Why some leads are showing Deactivated ?


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